About the Diva

Monday - Thursday

Lunch: 11:30-2:30

Dinner:  5:00-9:30 
Friday - Saturday 

Lunch: 11:30-2:30

Dinner: 5:00-10:00



Sushi Diva wants to be the best purveyors of Japanese cuisine for many years to come. Sushi Diva is opened by, Wichitthree "Ice" Thongsen and is located in the Foxboro Shopping Center. We strive to become the marquee choice in an open market of sushi restaurants.  Come try our traditional rolls and expirience our signature rolls, from the Crispy Diva to the Ice-N-Fire and the Kitsune rolls. Come enjoy our hospitality and partake in the quality of food.


Hours of Operation

We hope to see you and keep you coming back for more!